LOST FILES: Is Shoe Buying Psychological?


What’s going on with all my Sneakerhead fam out there? Hope all is well and you’re keeping the closet stocked with fire!! I am not going to waste anytime, I am going to get right into it. I want to pose a question to you that I have been asked. Is shoe buying psychological? Before we really get into it, just to be certain, let us define psychological: of, affecting, or arising in the mind; related to the mental and emotional state of a person. You read that and as a Sneakerhead when I ask “Is shoe buying psychological?” You easily reply “yes”.  Shoe buying affects both our mental and emotional states, be honest. I know I leave out of the mall with a kool-aid smile and all kinds of happy thoughts of where I will heat up the scene in my kicks. I do not see any way you could be in a bad mood when out buying shoes, unless you do not have enough for what you want. In that little window you could ask me for $5 and get it!!


Question easily answered, on to the next right? Wrong! Because it gets deeper. It always seems to work out that way huh? Nonetheless I follow up with “Is it an addiction?” In some cases as a Sneakerhead you have more than likely been hit with this question already. It is usually one of the first questions asked after people come into the understanding of you being a Sneakerhead. So back to the question “Is it an addiction?”Well, what is addiction? Defined, addiction is an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something. Hmmmm, starting to sound like a lot of us might have an addiction without even knowing it. I find the definition a bit confusing and debatable. While I do have a great interest in shoes I do not feel a need for them. In my mind addiction has always been pictured as something you will go to great lengths to acquire, you will do anything necessary to get what drives your addiction. I have never pictured shoes that way, if I can not or do not buy the shoes, life will still go on. That is my personal opinion. On the other hand when you see riots, fights and even deaths occur behind shoes it will make you second think the question.


We could go back and forth with the question all day. Without getting into great debate over whether shoe buying is or is not an addiction. Let us all agree that there are different levels of addiction from low to high. Most Sneakerheads fall under low addiction where they have great interest in shoes and buy at will. Then you have rare cases where things may get out of hand because there are those individuals who feel it is a need and will do what is necessary to acquire shoes. While it may be unnecessary, it still happens and therefore can not be ignored. So yes, shoe buying affects both our mental and emotional states making it psychological. Shoe buying in the case of Sneakerheads (because it holds a great interest to us) it can be considered a mild addiction. No need to run out and create shoe anonymous groups though, I am sure we will all be fine. Just keep it safe and in the right perspective when dealing with your sneaker addiction.

Feel free to share your comments/thoughts……..as always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute

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Authentic Sole

Hey Sneakerhead fam, how have you been? Was the summer good to you and your collection? Who lucked up and copped a pair of the “banned” Air Jordan 1s? You already know that I have my pair on ice in the shoe vault and I must say,  I was really impressed with the quality. Definitely a nice pick for those that were able to snag a pair. For those of you who have been unfortunate in your hunt for shoes as of late, I have some good news for you…..especially if you’re in the Sacramento / Elk Grove area.


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to get out to the grand opening of AUTHENTIC SOLE!! What is that? Well I’m glad you asked. Authentic Sole is a boutique store, but not your average boutique store. Authentic Sole is a premier boutique that offers access to exclusive, rare and hard to find kicks such as: Shattered Back Boards, Hologram Foamposites, Kendrick Lamar x Reebok collab and much more. That is not all.  Authentic Sole also offers designer attire with labels such as: Black Pyramid, Civil, Play Cloths, Vie Riche and Pink Dolphin. Plus accessories like Stance socks and Rastaclat bracelets.


With Authentic Sole it is about quality over quantity.  When you come in you will find quality products and receive quality service. The Authentic Sole family wants to create a good shopping experience for you; one that will warrant a return. You can go into Authentic Sole and actually have in-depth conversations about styles, brands, color-ways or designs with staff who is knowledgeable and can answer your questions.

Located at:

2619 W Taron Court Suite 140

Elk Grove CA 95758

20160910_125649 20160910_130051 20160910_125946 20160910_125908-1

I had the privilege of catching up with the owner and getting some insight from her. When I made my way into the boutique there were people everywhere and in the back watching over it all, in the newly released “banned” Air Jordan 1s, was Ashtyn.  Ashtyn is the owner, a Sacramento native and an OG Sneakerhead. She is hoping to breathe some life into the Sneakerhead scene in Sacramento. She has been in love with sneakers ever since the 4th grade when she acquired the Pearl Nike Foamposites. After that her path was set. The Elk Grove location will be Ashtyn’s second boutique. She has successfully established a boutique down south in Atlanta, Georgia under the same name of Authentic Sole.


Authentic Sole is hoping to establish ties with the Sacramento / Elk Grove community not only through good, knowledgeable, friendly customer service, but also by giving back. Authentic Sole places a strong emphasis on giving back to the community. Authentic Sole has a program called “Saving Soles”. Saving Soles is a team of volunteers who are committed to improving the health of children and access to education by saving soles, one pair at a time. They work very hard throughout the year by collecting shoes for underprivileged youth in different communities throughout the states of Georgia and California. For more information on the foundation and how to donate or volunteer go to their website:


I am definitely excited for a men’s boutique that is a one stop shop for fly kicks and fresh attire. The fact that it is run by a fashion savvy Sneakerhead only guarantees that you’ll never leave disappointed or without. Knowing that Authentic Sole also does charity work, giving back will make me feel better in my dealings with them. All in all a breath of fresh air to Sacramento and The Sneakerhead scene. Be sure to stop through and check out all they have to offer.

Alright my fellow Sneakerheads, I’m on my way out……but as always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute

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What Are Those?!


What’s up with my Sneakerhead fam? I hope all is well and you’re keeping up with all the kicks dropping. Acquiring all that you can afford. Who was able to get in on the Kobe “Fade To Black” collection? That was nice!! I haven’t copped anything lately, I’ve just been appreciating my collection and trying to wear everything.


The other day I pulled out my Eggplant Flightposites from 2007, no biggie right? Right, but they’re one of my favorites. I’m just out running a couple of errands, grabbing food and I hear “What are those?!” Now normally when you hear that it’s because you or someone around you has on some trash. By that I mean beaters or some unrecognizable shoe, not readily identifiable. Meaning it’s not heat, so “what are those?”. This was different though, this was a “those are nice, what are those?!” It was an older lady, I smiled and told her what they were. While in the middle of telling her, her grandson walks up in Yezzy Foamposites and joins in the conversation. We talk briefly about kicks, my name is called, I said goodbye, grabbed my food and left.



That got me to thinking about other encounters with individuals that were not Sneakerheads. I say that because interactions with Sneakerheads go differently. Sneakerheads give a nod or sign of acknowledgement and respect. Sometimes, depending on the kicks a conversation will break out. But with those who aren’t Sneakerheads, the questions always come with an “Oooh” and “aaah”. I like that!! I know you guys do too, be honest. It’s just a good feeling to have people like your kicks and to give off a feeling of fascination. That’s not why we do it, but that’s why we do it . Yeah I know…”I do it for me” “I do it because I love kicks”  “I love the game” and yadda yadda yadda, me too! Everyone likes to be noticed though…….in a good way.


I remember being in the mall once, going from one shoe store to the next of course. I’m with my bro and we can hear people talking in the background saying “look at his shoes”. I had on some Galaxy hyperflights and he had on some some Bred Jordan 11s. In the Sneakerhead world his shoes are worth more than mine, mine have galaxy print on them though. So my shoes are more eye catching, I mean who has the galaxy on their shoes? Next follows “excuse me, what are those?!” I answer with “Galaxy Hyperflights”. They compliment my shoes and we go our separate ways.


Jordan 11s Screenshot_2016-05-02-11-14-41-1

That’s a wonderful feeling as a Sneakerhead, it’s even better when it comes from a fellow Sneakerhead. I have numerous “what are those?!” stories about different kicks. I know you do too, so let’s hear them. Be proactive, get involved, talk to me I’ll talk back!! I am curious about the different kicks you have pulled out and your best or funniest “what are those?!” moments.


Looking forward to the responses…… in the meantime cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. Salute!


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Just Can’t Let Go

What’s up with my Sneakerhead fam? Long time no hear from, how is everyone doing? It has been a while since we last touched bases and a lot of kicks have released since then. There is no way am I trying to or wanting to recap; lets just acknowledge that a lot of “heat” has dropped and there has been some trash to accompany said “heat” along the way.

I hope you all have been adding to the collections, copping all the kicks that your heart desires and your bank account will allow. That’s what I wanted to address in this blog though, not your bank accounts; that is none of my concern….do you, make it rain if you feel the need!

make it rain

I wanted to talk about your collections, more specifically how big are your collections? I ask because I have had some interesting conversations with my Sneakerhead brethren as of late and honestly I was surprised. Not as much as I thought, but surprised nonetheless. All of the conversations centered around the question: Would you sell all the kicks in your collection? Now the question came about because one of my brothers has sold a nice portion of his collection lately. His reason was because he wanted to cop new kicks and he was not really into the ones he had. So instead of stock piling why not flip kicks and use the money from kicks for more kicks? Makes sense and it won’t hurt your bank account as much, I mean if you care about that type of stuff.

A different brother said something similar.  He also wanted to downsize his collection. Which is understandable because after awhile, regardless of how you store kicks they will take up space. Another said he wouldn’t part with ANY of his kicks – it’s just not going to happen. His reason was because of the sentimental value behind his kicks.. Whether he had them as a youth and/or wanted them – they meant something. I heard this response again, but to the tune of: “I wouldn’t sell any kicks other than my bottom shelf, beat kicks and “no name ” Nikes, Jordans etc.” Who wouldn’t do that though? I’d love to make a buck off my beat kicks too. His reason was because he worked hard to get to where he is; to be in a position to hunt down and buy the kicks he wants. So why would he sell them?


All great points were made, whether they were flipping or keeping everything. But, there was one thing that kept coming up in the conversations. Even with my brothers that were flipping their kicks and switching up their collections. That was the sentimental value; whether it was all, a few or just one pair. They had all spoken on not being able to part with certain kicks. Some were relatable and some were on a more personal level. Which I will not disclose, but they all had some kicks that they just can’t let go of.

i cant

Then I was watching Mayor on youtube and if you know who he is then I need not say more…..but for those of you who don’t, HIS COLLECTION IS RIDICULOUS AND IS 3000 PAIR DEEP!!! My opinion might be a little bias because I love Air Force Ones and that’s a major part of his collection. I digress though, he doesn’t sell or dump kicks. You can’t, not having 3000 pair. It’s hard for me to part with any of my kicks, even my beat ones. Now I have done giveaways but never for a profit and when I decided to sell kicks it hurt every time. Because I needed the money and didn’t truly want to part with my kicks. I honestly hope to house over a thousand kicks one day, so selling kicks isn’t for me. Right now I’m roughly somewhere between 40 – 50 pairs of kicks, that’s okay I guess…..for now.


Brings me back full circle to my very first question: How big is your collection?

Only for me to follow-up with my conversation question: Would you sell all the kicks in your collection?

Are there kicks you “just cant let go of”?

Please chime in, I’m sincerely interested in how my Sneakerhead fam feels about this topic, so share your comments/thoughts…….as always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute


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What’s good with my Sneakerhead fam? I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and your families. Have you been on top of your shoe game lately? What’s your latest pickup? Mine was a pair of timbs, it’s colder than a polar bears ba…..never mind.

So it has been brought to my attention that the 2nd greatest shooting guard to ever lace them up is leaving the game after this season. Wow, can’t believe Kobe Bryant’s career will be over after this year, A career that has included five NBA titles, one MVP award, an endless list of All-NBA teams, Olympic gold, and plenty more. A soon to be Hall of Famer as well……..so I started to wonder, how much hype will surround his shoes after his shocking announcement??

kobe-bryant hmmm

Kobe Bryant is not only a household name among athletes and fans, but also Sneakerheads. Kobe has had one of the top 10 bestselling shoes over the last few years, possibly top 5. So one can only imagine what will happen once Kobe is gone from the game. Will that make the shoes more iconic and give them a deeper meaning? Make them more valuable? But to who is the real question. I’m sure amongst Laker/Kobe fans the prices may jump and they will stock pile Kobe kicks. But, outside of his fan base that happens to be Sneakerheads who else will really be concerned with his kicks?

Before I go any further, let’s check out the evolution of Kobe’s shoe over the years:

Adidas-EQTkobe-crazy 8Adidas-Kobe-KB8-II-Badidas-KB8-IIIthekobeAdidas-Kobe-Two-Whitenike-zoom-huarache-2k4-lakers-kobe-laser1kobe huarache 2k5Nike-Zoom-Kobe-1-MPLSNike-Zoom-Kobe-IINike-Zoom-Kobe-3-III-Lakers-Pair-Pose-Solekobe-hyperdunk-4zoom-kobe-ivzoom-kobe-vzoom-kobe-vizoom-kobe-viiNike-Kobe-8-SulferNike-Zoom-Kobe-4-Venomenom-Purple-Wolf-Grey-Volt-3Nike-Kobe-Prelude-Packkobe 9nike-kobe-10-profile-insoleIn order from left to right: Adidas Elevation, Adidas KB8, Adidas KB8II, Adidas KB8III, The Kobe, Kobe Two, Kobe Huarache 2k4, Huarache 2k5, Nike Zoom Kobe 1, Zoom Kobe 2, Zoom Kobe 3, Hyperdunk Kobe, Zoom Kobe IV, Kobe V, Kobe VI, Kobe VII, Kobe VIII, Kobe Venomenom IV, Prelude Pack, Kobe 9 Hi/Low and Nike Kobe X.

Nice collection of kicks over the years, most don’t even know he had a shoe deal with Adidas and produced 6 signature shoes before signing with Nike. Arguably the only player comparable to Jordan on the court, will his shoes continue to be a hot item after his retirement like Jordan? Or will his shoe hype die down once he’s no longer on the court.


The funny thing in all of this is…..that since Kobe has started to decline on the court his sales have also declined. Is it because of his mediocre play as of late or the mediocre designs they are coming up with for his shoes? Either way, it’s going to be sad and hard to say goodbye to one of the greatest players to ever step on the court. Not a fan of his attitude, but his game on the court was unbelievable. I am glad to say I was around to witness one of the bests, thank you Kobe Bryant for 20 years of greatness.

Feel free to share your comments/thoughts…….as always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute


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What’s up with my Sneakerhead fam? It’s been a minute, my apologies for the short hiatus. My birthday was last month and I like to celebrate all month lol….now that all festivities are over, it’s back to business.

Today is October 21, 2015 “Back To The Future” Day. The day Doc and Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) went back in time. imageimage

In the Sneakerhead world this is a big deal because there was rumor of the Nike Air Mag releasing today. The shoe worn by Michael J Fox in the movie and is an extremely rare and expensive shoe. The shoe was once released back in 2011 to auction on ebay. The sales from the shoe totaled over 4 million dollars that all went to the Michael J Fox foundation dedicated to finding a cute for Parkinsons disease.

nike mag

The thing that sets these apart from the 2011 is that this edition will have power lacing, just like in the actual movie. Could you imagine?! Having a real life power lacing shoe!! That has to be on the top 5 list of every Sneakerheads dream as far as shoes go. Not necessarily the shoe, but having a shoe that has power lacing. Either way, you see why this release has become such a big deal. Especially with there being a rumor of the shoe being obtainable by anyone with enough money.

Regardless of the price, the Sneakerhead community is in a frenzy because of tweets between Nike and Michael J Fox twitter accounts. Plus a letter posted by Michael that he received from Tinker himself.

Fact of the matter is……the Nike Air Mag with power lacing isn’t releasing today. Today is just “Back To The Future” Day and the release of the other shoe Marty wore in the movie the “Nike Bruin”

plus the NYC showcase of the Nike Air Mag, along with Michael J Fox receiving his pair and Tinkers’ letter being shared. To my knowledge the Nike Air Mag isn’t set to release until Spring 2016 and will only be available through auction, I could be wrong so don’t quote me on that. But to me it seems like a whole lot of hype prematurely, it’s fun to watch everything unfold nonetheless.

Feel free to share your comments/thoughts…….as always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute


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I Keep ‘Em Clean

What’s up with my fellow Sneakerheads? Long time no here from. My apologies for the delay between posts, I’ll do my best to prevent that from happening again. Now, back to talking kicks. What are those collections looking like? Any new heat or grail pick ups? I recently acquired a grail of mines and I have just been overjoyed, especially since I didn’t pay rape prices (shout out to the plug).


My collection has been getting bigger and while I might not wear everything, I have put more shoes into my rotation. Widening my options when getting fresh lol…..but in order for me to get fresh, my shoes must be clean. This is where the headache comes into play for all Sneakerheads. Because keeping kicks clean and icy is no easy matter. The more kicks you wear the more kicks you have to clean. I can’t even put my shoes back into the box until they have been cleaned. That can create issues in my shoe closet.


When I do clean my shoes, I get real surgical. I have a couple of methods depending on the shoe and it’s materials. I’m old school with it, so I keep a toothbrush and cup on deck. Different shoes call for different treatments and cleaners. You can not, I repeat YOU CAN NOT clean all kicks the same way. If you’re a true Sneakerhead your kicks don’t ever really get dirty, so maybe a wipe down or a quick clean will suffice. Maybe you’re not as attentive to your kicks, they get dirty and require a more thorough cleaning. Then there are those rare, unforeseen accidents or situations that causes ugly and undesirable stains to the kicks. That’s when you have to really get serious and break out the supplies.

cleaning supplies

Now before I get into the various products available to clean your kicks, understand I am in no way, shape or form supported or funded by any of them. I am only sharing what’s available, what they claim to do and my personal experiences using those products.

The first product is:

Jason Markk


Jason Markk is a product that was created back in 2007. Jason Markk comes in different sets but all come with a brush; a premium shoe cleaner that is 98.3% natural and completely biodegradable. Jason Markk is safe to use on all materials including leather, suede, nubuck, nylon, canvas, vinyl, rubber, cloth etc. Jason Markk suggests being gentle and taking extra care when cleaning delicate materials. They also suggest that you purchase their soft hog bristles brush for those delicate materials. Jason Markk states that when “applied properly” the product is safe and very effective on suede and/or nubuck.

I have personally used this product on a pair of suede Nike Air Max 90s and it worked well. Removed a bbq stain and I was so appreciative. They were still brand new, less than 3 wears, it hurt my heart. But, thanks to Jason Markk my shoe was saved. I wouldn’t use it to clean a whole shoe though, just for small stains. That’s just my personal opinion, everyone uses it differently….you can to.

Next is:

Shoe M-G-K

shoe mgk

Shoe MGK is a product that was created back in 1992. Shoe MGK has different sized sets but all come with a brush. Shoe MGK Cleaner & Conditioner is one of the more commonly used products from the line. Derived from natural ingredients, Coconut & Jojoba oils, it also includes ultraviolet brighteners. It is water based and degrades naturally to its base components. Shoe MGK can be used on all materials. However, some delicate materials may still run or bleed, so they advise you to test color fastness. Shoe MGK also have  a suede block and brush kit to help with stubborn suede and/or nubuck stains.

Shoe MGK is one of my favorite products. I was first introduced to this product while in Las Vegas. I fell in love right there and have used it on numerous shoes with different materials. I have never had a problem with materials bleeding when using this product. One of the few products I have used to clean an entire shoe.

Next is:



Reshoevn8r is a product that was created back in 2010. I was unable to find out what reshoevn8r is made of and believe me I searched (I do not own any to check labels). Reshoevn8r also has an advanced cleaner where they state it is made with coconut oil, jojoba oil as well as other natural ingredients. I felt that was a little vague, made me a little suspect of the product….only a little bit though. Reshoevn8r is a product that comes with shoe trees, a brush and a special bag that allows you to put your kicks in the washer if you choose. It is not mandatory but it is an added option for a deeper cleaning. Reshoevn8r is safe to use on all materials. They do suggest testing product on inconspicuous area before cleaning entire shoe.

I have used Reshoevn8r to clean some kicks that were old and dirty, I chose to utilize the dryer option. The cleaner worked, but not to the extent that I thought it would. Especially with me using the washer and their “special” bag. The cleaner works cool on shoes without using the washer. Just thought it would have worked wonders, that’s all.


Nonetheless, all products are good. I have used all of them and I don’t have anything negative to say about them. There are a lot more products available for you to clean your kicks, but this blog is long enough lol

Feel free to share your comments, thoughts and any other products you feel work well…….and as always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute

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